Our Approach

Our Approach

“Keep your face always to the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” – Victor Lugo

Cherisse á la Mode is about loving yourself no matter where you find yourself in life. This includes loving your size no matter how big or small the number is. It all starts with mindset! Our hope is that finding pieces and accessories that fit your body will lead you to accept where you are in life and inspire others.

Our Story

Our Story

Cherisse á la Mode was started as a movement to help women be kinder to themselves. As a boutique owner, our founder would see women reluctant to try different styles and comment about how much they disliked their bodies. It then became her mission to change that!

Meet the Team

Our team is committed to walking with you each step of the way. From coaching to helping you find pieces you will love, we will create a unique experience to help you take steps to being kinder to yourself and inspiring others.


Cherisse Rivera

Founder & CEO

Since Cherisse was little she has had a love for fashion. At 5 years old, she loved “twirly” dresses and skirts. It her teen years, Cherisse would find fabrics and styles she loved then her grandmother would make custom pieces for her. As a plus sized teen, this allowed her to wear the same on trend styles that girls her age were wearing. Cherisse’s passion for fashion continues as an adult. She thrives from “hunting” down pieces she loves, staying up to date with the latest style trends, and building her wardrobe. The last three years Cherisse has spent her time doing the same for other women as the owner of her own boutique. This is where her passion birthed to inspire women to be kinder and accept themselves no matter their size.

Cherisse lives in Florida with her husband and daughter. She has a master’s in Strategic Communications from the University of South Florida. She has spent her career serving her community and empowering other women with the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest.

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